EXCLUSIVE ØSA ‘0.31 (Ede Remix)’ [Dilate Records]

He’s probably the artist of the moment, delivering quality music in time and on point. There is talk of Berlin based artist Ede, who has pleased us with tracks like ‘Ensemble’, ‘Jenny’ or ‘Chaussee’ on renowned labels such as Correspondant, Innervisions and TAU in the last couple of months and now simmers his remix for ØSA’s track ‘0.31’ on Sheffield label Dilate. Armed with the original version of ‘0.31’, a Few Nolder remix and Ede’s rework the entire release musically offers three different approaches, while Eren’s, Ede’s real name, treatment aims straight at the dance floor. Only a couple releases in the ‘game’ the Berliner by choice has already found a trademark sound. Right from the start the hypnotic soundscapes soak the listener into the track’s vibe which in the course turns to an acid-influenced mental monster that has a Panoramabar-ish touch as it is a dark yet groovy musical piece without sounding pretentious.

ØSA‘s EP ‘0.31‘ will be released on Dilate Records May 6th, 2019.


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