EXCLUSIVE Amberoom ‘Tulu’ [TAU]

Amberoom, namely Manuel Tur, Adrian Hoffmann and Ramin Nouyan, have been around for years even when they hadn’t before but that just counts for the trio’s musical project – Amberoom. After four releases on Josh Wink’s renowned label Ovum, one on André Hommen’s These Eyes and a track, ‘Kastell’ on Innervisions’ latest Secret Weapons 11, Amberom release their first EP of 2019 on TAU, run by Hamburg based artist duo Adana Twins. The three tracker ‘Jazire’, including two original tracks and an Isoleé remix, marks the label’s fourth release and picks up musically on previous releases as the EP is a smooth symbiosis of combining percussive and melodic elements. ‘Tulu’, the second original take by Amberoonm on the EP, probably highlights the aforementioned features a bit more. Melodious chords are drum-driven accompanied and add an organic touch to the track that in the progress is enriched with heart-warming vocals. ‘Tulu’ might be thesoulful forward-going and forward-thought melodic melancholic tune that works at any place and any time.

Amberoom’s EP ‘Jazire‘ will be released on TAU March 1st, 2019.

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