EXCLUSIVE Nandu ‘When The Tides Shift (Stefano Ritteri Remix)’ [Calypso Chili]

Back in 2017 Copenhagen based artist Nandu launched his label Calypso Chili and released his album ‘Tales From My Living Room’. Every since the launch Nandu himself has had a busy schedule with several releases and remixes on labels such as Connected, AZZUR, MoBlack or SOLIDE and could not find the time to further the label. But with spring around the corner Calypso Chili will blossom again and pick up where it left off, namely with a remix EP of ‘Tales From My Living Room’. Therefore Nandu invited his musical affiliates Melokolektiv and Stefano Ritteri to remix ‘Something Simple’ respectively ‘When the Tides Shift’ and contributes a remix himself of his track ‘Only Human Casualities’. Ritteri, having quite an impressive history when it comes to electronic, takes on – as aforementioned – ‘When the Tides Shift’. Keeping the hypnotic core of the track Ritteri breaks in the original’s vocal and adjusts it to the remix’ general mental vibe. Instrumental and vocal passages alternate within the track and create a comfortable tension that peaks in the break to then continue the mental joyride throughout the end.

Nandu’s EP ‘Tales From My Living Room Remixed‘ will be releason on Calypso Chili February 27th, 2019.

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