EXCLUSIVE Hubur ‘High Ladder (ZK Bucket Rmx)’ [Zaun Records]

Before Hubur’s album on Zaun Records label founder ZK Bucket takes on remix duties for ‘High Ladder’. In his trademark style ZK Bucket delivers a melodious approach that unfolds its beauty in every synth-chord. Starting off with the track’s key strings it takes a moment until the bass line sets in and smoothly adapts to the afore created tone. In the course of the track the Berliner adds simply little soundscapes and elements like recuring scratch-sounds that in the first place seem to break with the harmonic overall vibe but open up another facette of ‘High Ladder’. While the beginning of ‘High Ladder’ strongly focuses on the melodic aspect, the end of the track follows a contrary approach and fades out rhythmically.

Hubur’s EP ‘High Ladder (ZK Bucket Rmx)‘ will be out on Zaun Records March 1st, 2019.

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