EXCLUSIVE Kieran Apter & Leon Power ‘Closer (Neil Flynn Remix)’ [Empore Music]

Northern Germany based label Empore kicks off 2019 with Kieran Apter’s EP ‘Closer’, for which the Scotsman teamed up with – once again – with Leon Power for the title track. Once again, because the both have already worked together on EPs for Chapter24 and Hommage, and now continue their successful collaboration. The EP comes with two original tracks, ‘Closer’ and ‘June’, a remix for the latter from Philipp Harms as well as dub version of ‘Closer’ and a remix from Berlin based producer Neil Flynn, whose remix for ‘Closer’ redefines the word ‘beautiful’. Neil’s not a man of many words when it comes to music, so unsurprisingly his remix starts with the looped vocal-snippet and the track’s essential melodic soundscapes that in combination with the aforementioned vocal creates a hypnotic effect, which heats up when Neil implements all of the original’s vocals. From then on the remix unfolds its melancholic beauty and spreads its charm with every following tone.

Kieran Apter & Leon Power‘s EP ‘Closer‘ will be released on Empore Music February 22nd, 2019.

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