EXCLUSIVE Echonomist ‘Strymonas’ [microCastle]

Petros Manganaris better known under his artist moniker Echonomist has been a constant in the electronic music for quite some years. With releases on Upon.You, Multinotes or Rebirth the Thessaloniki based artist set the bar high for following releases and does not disappoint his audience with his most recent work ‘Strymonas’, which is named after the Greek region and river close to Petros hometown. Just like previous releases from the Echonomist ‘Strymonas’ again is accompanied by a hype ever since Âme played the track last year – for a good reason. ‘Strymonas’ is dark, it’s edgy, it’s simply outstanding in its thoughful arrangement as Petros finds a way to combine creaking synth-chords and on the contrary bright and bleepy soundscapes that create a well-balanced harmonic track that has a colorful tone in an overall dark musical construct.

Echonomist’s EP ‘Strymonas‘ will be released on microCastle February 22nd, 2019.

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