EXCLUSIVE David Mayer ‘Secrets’ [Connected]

The human psyche can easily be influenced or manipulated by emotions whilst rationality based on arguments or facts have a hard ride to reach one’s counterpart. Berliner David Mayer adds up both, facts and emotions, with his latest EP ‘Facts Matter’ on Connected by creating precedents on the one side with the EP itself and remaining as emotionally appealing as possible with the arrangement and chosen soundscapes on the other side. ‘Facts Matter’ depicts the typical David Mayer trademark sound – a crunchy and rhythmically enriched bass line and harmonic synth chords on top. But if you thought you’ve heard it all before, the artists holds a secret for you. ‘Secrets’ combines Acid elements and African chants with the aforementioned and opens up a whole new musical spectrum. It’s Berlin, it’s going back to the roots, it’s the present, past and future in one piece of music – skillyfully arranganed, carefully put together and well selected.

David Mayer’s EP ‘Facts Matter‘ will be released on Connected February 15th, 2019.

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