EXCLUSIVE Lorenz Rhode ‘Back (Gerd Janson Remix)’ [Compost]

One of electronic music’s most renowned labels and probably the reason for many, artists and listeners, to get involved with the music, Compost, is turning 25. Therefore the Munich based label will release a box set which contains more than 30 remixes of Compost classics, and there are many. While the first ‘Overture’ with selected remix works from Roman Flügel, Ripperton, and I:Cube was released in December 2018, the time has come to release a second wave of remixes from House music legends like Ewan Pearson, Phil Milson and Gerd Janson. The latter takes on remix duties for Lorenz Rhode‘s track ‘Back’, which was first released on Compost back in 2006. With it’s disco-ish vibe and the embedded vocoder-vocals, which was a style-defining element for artists such as Kraftwerk and their music, ‘Back’ was already a favorite back then. Now Running Back-label head Gerd Janson works his magic on the track, reduces the use of vocals and also its volume, adds a more pulsating bass line and simply yet skillfully turns the original in a more club-oriented track in a way only Gerd Janson can: simple, effective, disco-ish and as confidently stylish as the original just with Gerd’s trademark sound arrangement.

Overture 2‘ will be released on January 18th, 2019 on Compost.

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