Naming himself after one of the biggest sweet water lakes in the world, namely the Baikal Lake in Russia, Berliner by love Mark Bijl refers to his artist name merely at a characteristical level, notably when it comes to his deep productions.

ART:CAST #45 by Yør Kultura

Based in Rotterdam Yør Kultura have implemented a trademark sound of their own over the past year by smoothly combining extravagant synth-melodies with stripped down bass lines to form a symbiosis in raw track- and sound structure.


Raphael Ripperton just released his third album called 'Sight Seeing' on ESP Institute. Therefore the Swizz DJ and producer chose a different approach in terms of music and came up with a rather laid back sound.

ART:CAST Gilles Wasserman

Torture the Artist proudly presents the next art:cast episode that comes from NY-resident Gilles Wasserman - founder of FictionLab - who manages to combine future house tracks with melodic techy tunes to a whole and therefore creates an unique vibe that not only will keep the never sleeping city of New York awake.

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