EXCLUSIVE Dominik Marz ‘You Will Be Free’ [Best Kept Secrets]

Augsburg is known for their infamous puppet theater and Dominik Marz decided to make them dollies dance. With his upcoming track ‘You Will Be Free’ the producer hits a raver’s heart deeply and probably wrote his most UK influenced track so far. ‘You Will Be Free’ starts off with a pithy bass line while shortly after the listener is introduced to the spheric synth chords while vocal-snippets remain a background element that is just waiting to make its full appearence in the course of the track. When it does the rave gets started in its most positive way. ‘You Will Be Free’ just does what the track title encourages you to do: lose yourself to music and you will be free from restrictions, from boundaries, from restraints, from whatever’s held you back from being who and what you are. It’s Dominik Marz’s skillful blendung of simple synth-chords and the highly pitched vocal that pay tribute to UK’s ‘Golden Rave Era’ and make people strive after more happiness on the dance floor and around. So it’s no wonder the track has been played by artists such as Aera, Pional, Innellea or The Drifter.

Dominik Marz’s EP ‘You Will Be Free’ will be out shortly on Best Kept Secret/ Empore Music.

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