EXCLUSIVE Nyaruach feat. Friday ‘Gatluak (Nandu Remix)’ [MoBlack Records]

Danish producer Rasmus Vincentz Jensen better known under his alias Nandu kicks off 2019 with a remix for Nyarach’s track ‘Gatluak’ which underlines his preference for African vocals. Despite running at a speed of 114 bpm only the Copenhagener created a remix that easily fits into any peak time set as the sound-arrangement and the rhytmically yet stomping bass line seem to manage the balancing act of working at any time of the night. ‘Gatluak’ lives musically up on Nandu’s last productions of 2018 when the Dane released his ‘One Man’s High Is Another Man’s Anxiety’ long player on Connected and skillfully tossed around with various elements that he put together to little masterpieces. For his remix approach to ‘Gatluak’ Nandu chose to create a symbiosis between implementing the original vocal sample and the right dose of percussions in combination with the carrying synth-melody. The way Nandu puts each piece of the puzzle together makes the final result sound like a march of liberation on the dance floor that not only dancers seem to join but has already gained heavy support from scene’s key-players like Dixon.

Nyaruach’s EP ‘Gatluak Remixes‘ will be out January 11th, 2019 on MoBlack Records.

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