ART:CAST #47 by Alex From Tokyo

As part of Tokyo Black Star and co-founder of Phonon Inc. Alex Prat alias Alex From Tokyo has made an impact on the electronic music scene as we know it today as well as help fortify the oft-overlooked linkage between Eastern and Western cultures. With several releases on Innervisions, Deeply Rooted House, Love On The Rocks, Sonar Kollektiv or his own label World Famous Alex is not only present on widely respected imprints but also on labels that’ve changed the electronic music scene deeply. As various as the labels may seem in their depicted musical spectrum the same counts for the back and forward-traveling sound designer simply for the reason that Alex’s music is hard if not impossible to pinpoint to a single genre only. With his art:cast the Berliner, the New Yorker, the Tokyoite chose an ambient-influenced almost mediative approach that leads its listener to Far Eastern sound-sceneries and is combined with the Berlin-coolness. In the thick of Alex’s art:cast you will be soaked in by deep atmospheric vibes, which in the course turn to a mood-changer as partially little soundscapes and elements are added that make you want to start your night in the club right where Alex stops.


  1. Colored Music ‘Kitsune’
  2. Murakawa Jimmy ‘Beauty’
  3. Motohiko Hamase ‘Pascal’
  4. Bebo Baldan feat. Steve James ‘Venti’
  5. Artis ‘Cetacea’
  6. Die Dominas ‘Die Wespendomina (Re-Edit)’
  7. Zazou Bikaye ‘Ba Wela’
  8. Coloured Music ‘Night Paradise’
  9. Vito Ricci ‘The Ship Was Sailing’
  10. Jean-Luc Ponty ‘Dance of the Spirits (Peter Croce Re-Edit)’
  11. Craig Peyton ‘BeThankful For What You Got’
  12. Henri Texier ‘Le Piroguier (Be Svendsen Remix)’
  13. Miskotom ‘Senoi’
  14. Kuniyuki ‘Puzzle (Call Super’s Garden)’
  15. Ashra ‘Oasis’

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