EXCLUSIVE Shahrokh Dini ‘Change’ [Compost]

The Karlsruhe citizen Shahrokh Dini has been part of the electronic music-scene for almost as long as the music exists. Ever since his first appearance the cheerful artist has been involved in various musical matters and built a reputation that go outside the envelope. Whether as a club owner of Karlsruhe’s most important and well-known ‘Monk Bar’ or as a DJ, who regularly plays national and international gigs, Shahrokh has not only played his part in the electronic music but helped to establish various artists. For Compost Blacklabel’s latest EP, the producer contributed two tracks, both dance floor-oriented, both imitably Shahrokh. ‘Change’ depicts the artist’s musical influences: early Deep House music as raw as Detroit-soundscapes paired with a vocal-loop and hitting hi-hats that add an additional drive to the already forward-moving synth-sounds, which won’t let you ‘fall up’ but rather make Carl Craig go green with envy – literally only, of course!

Sharokh Dini’s EP ‘Arman/ Change‘ will be released on Compost Black Label November 30th, 2018.

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