EXCLUSIVE Bawrut ‘Pioneers’ [PETS Recordings]

Madrid-based producer Bawrut has turned to one of the freshest musical exports of the Iberian peninsular in recent years. As his style holds classic as well as new elements the producer creates an overlap that DJs and club-goers cannot only agree on but rather become enthusiastic about. The artist’s latest work, his ‘Jomo EP’, is going to be released shortly on PETS Recordings and the four-tracker and represents the Bawrut’s aforementioned musical approach. ‘Pioneers’, the A1 of the EP and probably namely paying tribute to original electronic music artists, does the same in terms of sounds without a reference to today’s club-culture as the chosen elements and synth-chords may follow a vintage approach but sound so refurbished that the sparkle of the present if not to say the future shines through.

Bawrut’s EP ‘Jomo‘ will be released December 7th, 2018 on PETS Recordings.

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