EXCLUSIVE Fred Everything ‘Silver Light (Ian Pooley Dub)’ [Lazy Day Recordings]

With Lazy Days’ latest EP ‘Silver Light’ label head Fred Everything makes us believe that there is still House Music which is made with soul, House Music that sets itself apart from the ordinary, House Music so deeply touching that it reminds its audience of reasons of falling for the genre in the first place. With a career lasting longer than two decades and being a musical mainstay and inspiration for many, Fred Everything and foremost his productions have remained relevant until the present days, which is not mere coincidence but the result of hard work and dedication. ‘Silver Light’, which was originally released on Fred Everything’s album ‘Long Way Home’ back in June 2018, underwent the remix treatment by House-icon Ian Pooley, who provides – alongside Mr. Everything’s original version and instrumental – a remix and a dub version of the latter. Ian’s remix dub, which – of course – spares Jinadu‘s vocals, offers its listeners the possibility to dig deeper into the chords and therefore the melodic approach of his remix-work that unfolds a hypnotically knock-on effect throughout the track. Ian Pooley hits the heart and dance floor artistically skillful – just as expected, fairly and squarely said.

Fred Everything’s EP ‘Silver Light’ will be released on November 16th, 2018 on Lazy Days Recordings.

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