EXCLUSIVE Murat Uncuoglu ‘Paradise 25’ [Isolate]

Nowadays labels spring up like mushrooms but only few remain relevant for the scene and its development. And even though its Isolate’s first release ever it’s safe to say that the label will have a bright future ahead. Founded by Istanbul’s renowned artists Alican Yuksel and Murat Uncuoglu, who have been mainstays in the Turkish metropolis and its blossoming and flourishing scene for longer than two respectively one decade, the both know their crafts to set up a persistent label – proven with the first release, ‘Dummy’, by Murat himself. The two tracker has already caused waves among artists and music enthusiasts weeks, months before its release – for a simple reason, namely that of being an quality EP that thrills the audience. ‘Paradise 25’ is all about the chords, which create a flawless dive and drive into the melodically influenced sound-tangle to pick up the audience with its first tone. But dancefloor paradise is reached when Murat jumps into the break – a journey through the warmth of music – to then arrive at the right moment to let ‘Paradise 25’ unfold its classy peak-time moment.

Murat Uncuoglu’s EP ‘Dummy‘ will be released November 16th, 2018 on Isolate.

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