REVIEW Marcus Worgull ‘Love Song EP’ [Innervisions]

The wait is finally over for avid Innervisions fans for the track that’s been haunting dreams and igniting dance floors for months finally has a name. Marcus Worgull’s latest release titled ‘Love Song EP’ has the ever-elusive ‘Love Song’ as well as its Dub, and a third gem titled ‘Listen to Charanjit’, pacifying the music curious across the globe. Eight months after the adept DJ and producer’s previous album release he’s back with a fresh sound and new vision for an old classic. Out since September 7thof this year, it’s received nothing but praise from the underground dance community.

A cheeky beat begins only to introduce the star of the track, that iconic synth lead. Plucked bass notes form the exoskeleton of the title track off of Innervisions latest release, whereas soft and undulating synth pads blanket the innermost layers. The tone has been set, and our thirst for those lighthearted Indie Dance/Nu Disco songs has been quenched. Originally thought to be an edit of the 80’s original it was soon discovered to be a cover, with the vocals sung by English singer-songwriter Fink. It’s a throwback to simpler times and we can only love it.

With a slamming drum kick on the upbeat ‘Love Song’s edgier sibling ‘Love Dub’ begins with a punch. Warped vocals leer, taking the love song one step further, into the eerier, perhaps darker side of love and infatuation. The once forward-moving, adventurous bass line now feels more sombre, like it’s a trick more than an amorous guide. Perfect for those late night or afterhour sets this gem is an asset in anyone’s ‘record box’.

The final track ‘Listen to Charanjit’ is best suited for peak-time dance floor moments, when the lights are low and the walls are dripping for it has all the elements to stir up fire. A faster tempo flickers while the pinball synth line bounces from pitch to pitch, ending in a slow drip down an octave or two. The tension builds as the melody repeats, actually gaining traction with each echo while different melodic lines enter sequentially; one strangely close to an extraterrestrial craft soaring, the other sounds like a haunted organ. A short breakdown becomes an opened door for even stranger things, for the beat unravels on the corners and we hear more of the zig-zag downward synth lines, making our head spin.

Marcus Worgull’s ‘Love Song EP’ was released on September 7th, 2018 on Innervisions.

Review by Tess Daniella

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