EXCLUSIVE Iain Howie ‘To Forget (Whitesquare Remix)’ [Needwant]

Based in Vancouver Iain Howie has made quite an impression with releases like ‘Fleur’ or ‘Visional’ which both were released on German/Canadian label Rhombus. His latest music, ‘To Forget’, though sees the versatile musician leaving his mother-label to join ‘Needwant’. With the release of the original version of ‘To Forget’ fairly two weeks ago, the time has come to expose Whitesquare‘s reinterpretation. As the original version thrilled listeners with a preference for downtempo/ left field-ish, Roman producer Maurice Uzzan adds rhythmically woven percussions to the layers of pads, the hazy chords and the vocals and therefore creates a totally different vibe as he raises the beats per minute from 111 to 118, too.

Iain Howies’ EP ‘To Forget‘ will be released November 2nd, 2018 on Needwant.

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