EXCLUSIVE Enzo Elia & Odd1 ‘Dirty Hotel’ [Engrave Ltd]

For his latest EP ‘Connecting the Dots’ Enzo Elia teams up with three befriended artists – one for each of the tracks that are featured on the EP. ‘Dirty Hotel’, the first take of the three tracker, was produced with Engrave Ltd co-label founder Dodi Palese under his Odd1 moniker. Beside the fact that you can feel the friendship bound over the whole 8 minutes and 2 seconds lasting track the duo created a ‘monster’, in the most positive way, that pushes its listeners to the boundaries of melodic electronic music. ‘Dirty Hotel’ builds up the tension with its very first beat before spheric synth pads are added that in the course of the track are accompanied by strings. All soundscapes combined eagerly wait to enfold their full potential to twirl and curl but lead to a xylophone solo before the synth chords blow up and finish what Enzo and Dodi started with the first beat: a melodic master piece.

Enzo Elia’s EP ‘Connecting the Dots‘ will be released September 17th, 2018 on Engrave Ltd.

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