Based in southern Germany, Munich and Augsburg to be precise, DJ and producer duo Innellea have left their sound-mark in the electronic music scene since their first release, ‘Colante’, in 2016. In less than two years Innellea or Daniel and Michael, how close friends call them, have become an in-demand-act and an Adana Twins favorite. The honor of being favorited by the Hamburgers now resulted in releasing the very first EP, ‘Nautilus‘, on Adana Twins’ newly founded label TAU. Shortly before the release, Torture the Artist had the chance to catch up with the duo revealing the secret behind their uncommon name, the paradox of creating track titles and future academic ambitions even though Innellea lack Vitamin D.

Torture the Artist: Hello guys, tell us something about your day.

Innellea: Hello! Our day went pretty well so far. Woke up, had coffee and now working on some stuff for university. Its Daniel’s birthday today so maybe he will skip university and go for a chilled day with the family. Michi is finishing his bachelor thesis which will be due bythe end of September. After that, he can focus on music 100%. Daniel has one more semester to go.

Torture the Artist: How did your name Innellea come about?

Innellea: We made music, completed some demos and needed a name to set up an email and soundcloud account in order to send them out. So, we decided to throw our names together, mixed it up and ultimately settled on the best-sounding version. But how Innellea exactly came into existence by that way is still another question.

Torture the Artist: Since Innellea is a neologism, what would be its paradox?

Innellea: Any shitty sounding combination of our names’ letters.

Torture the Artist: Before you formed Innellea, you both had been involved in other projects, what was the crucial matter that made you decide to work together as Innellea?

Innellea: Somehow, together we had more power, motivation and inspiration – maybe more than these duos could omit. So, we decided to join forces and get the most out of what our motivations could give.

Hey, wanna see my synthesizer-collection?!

Torture the Artist: What was the pickup line for your musical relationship?

Innellea: Hey, wanna see my synthesizer-collection?!

Every time we get into a plane he dozes off before we even leave the ground.

Torture the Artist: Michael, what’s a thing about Daniel that only you seem to have noticed?

Innellea: That he can fall asleep within 5 seconds and sleep for hours! Every time we get into a plane he dozes off before we even leave the ground and wakes up when right after we hit the ground again.

Torture the Artist: Your latest EP, ‘Nautilus’, was just released on TAU, Adana Twins’ newly founded label. What made you decide in the first place to put out an EP on the label and how did working with the label came about?

Innellea: We initially got in touch with the Adana Twins by sending promos. At that point they told us about their plans for the label and asked us if we have some tracks which we would like to contribute. As the label sounded very promising, we sent some music over. The Twins apparently liked them, and now here we are, happy to be on TAU with some of those tracks!

Picture by Peter Plantar

Torture the Artist: One of your tracks on the EP is called ‘Quito’, what is your relationship to the Ecuadorian capital?

Innellea: We usually name our tracks how the letters of the track title sound together and then we link these sounds of the letters to musical sounds. Some would call it a way of synesthesia . This combination just came to our mind when we were finishing this track, although the work title was initially Taquito.

Torture the Artist: Name a track that gets any party started.

Innellea: It’s impossible to name one specific track. It always depends on the context, where and in which order you combine tracks to create your arc of suspense. You have to read the whole environment and select your songs according to that. One track alone wont really work.

Torture the Artist: Daniel, what’s a thing that Michael remembers about you doing, but you have no recollection of?

Innellea: Hm, theres nothing that comes to my mind right now, but the other way round I could tell you a few things… <laughs>

It looks like well become burglars one day.

Torture the Artist: Whose studio would you sneak into?

Innellea: We just saw a picture of Mano Le Toughs studio which seemed like a nice living room with a lot of plants in it. But maybe it’s Sebastian Mullaert’s studio which is located in a cozy house beside woodland in a Swedish village really close to nature. Also, Âme’s studio looks amazing. So, it looks like well become burglars one day.

Torture the Artist: Speaking of producing music, you do not live in the same city. How do work on your tracks together?

Innellea: When we were starting to make music together, besides meeting up we would use Splice which is comparable to a music maker Dropbox. But using different operating systems soon ‘forced’ us to have real sessions, where we either start a project together or work out the drafts of the other. As Augsburg Munich is just a short train ride, it isnt too hard for us.

Picture by Peter Plantar

Torture the Artist: What’s a thing at a gig that slowly drives you crazy?

Innellea: Probably, if the mixer has some technical errors. We always want to deliver and that makes it really hard if you have to focus on some broken faders or potties. But in the end we also have to handle these situations and make the best out of it.

Torture the Artist: Who’s the top artist – dead or alive you’d like to have a drink with, and why?

Innellea: There are too many inspiring artists. Naming just one would be unfair.

Torture the Artist: What phrases have you tried to get attention for one of your releases on your social media, ranked in order of their effectiveness?

Innellea: The postings we made in the past used to be very euphoric and were definitely too long. We just had some intense skype-sessions about our way of communicating on social media channels. We decided that we want to create a specific look and feel on our socials. We want to phase a common thread into the whole project.

There’s not enough sunlight in our country.

Torture the Artist: What’s noticeable absent in your lives?

Innellea: Definitely, Vitamin D. There’s not enough sunlight in our country.

Torture the Artist: What’s the biggest lie you have ever told and what was its purpose?

Innellea: When we were playing at a party, the promoters were pushing us to party hard withthem and go straight to afterhours. They wouldnt take a ‘no‘ for an answer. So we told them we were already too drunk, wasted and high – so high that we could hardly move. Although, we were sober.

Picture by Peter Plantar

Torture the Artist: Name 2-3 tracks each that best characterize yourself, accompanied by the reasons why.

Innellea: Hard question, as currently there is no track to which we listen to over and over, it’s better to say our own tracks describe us the best as they reflect our thoughts and feelings.

Torture the Artist: What’s a game you like to play?

Innellea: Risk! Or other board games. Its more than just playing games its about spending time with friends, sitting on one table and having fun. These evenings are the best way to stay grounded.

If you could reset every wrong decision you made you wouldnt evolve your character.

Torture the Artist: What things in life should have reset buttons permanently installed?

Innellea: It’s good how it is. You learn from every mistake you made. If you could reset every wrong decision you made you wouldnt evolve your character. But to be honest, a reset button on every exam would be amazing!

Interview by Holger Breuer

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