EXCLUSIVE Fiberroot ‘Roccodrillo (Shall Ocin Remix)’ [Clash Lion]

Clash Lion Records, run by Terr, Shall Ocin and Daniel Watts, is ready to release Fiberroot’s EP ‘Tierra’. The three tracker comes with two originals, ‘Con Licencia Sibonei’ and ‘Roccodrillo’, and Shall Ocin‘s majestic remix of the latter. The Argentinian DJ and producer, who has released on labels such as Bpitch Control, Ellum or Last Night On Earth, delivers a stomping techno take, which is built around twirling synth sounds with the potential of creating mental dance floor experiences. As Shall Ocin’s take on ‘Roccodrillo’ proceeds the artist shifts his focus on sounds and exchanges the twirling synth with more calm synth chords giving the listener and dancer the opportunity to digest the aforementioned mental musical rollercoaster ride.

Fiberroots’s EP ‘Tierra‘ will be released September 7th, 2018 on Clash Lion.

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