EXCLUSIVE Armonica feat. Mabiisi ‘Ayo (Fred und Luna & UFO Hawaii Remix)’ [DEPTH]

The fifth release on DEPTH, run by Belgian DJ and producer Sifa, has had quite a long way coming but it’s been worth the wait. Armonica‘s original take of ‘Ayo’ feat. Mabiisi comes with remixes from Berlin-based producer David Mayer and a remix cooperation of Fred und Luna and UFO Hawaii. While Mayer delivers a proper percussive dance floor cut, Fred und Luna and UFO Hawaii created a new genre with their reinterpretation of the original: Afro Krautrock. The spheric start, a 2 minute 30 seconds lasting synth-pad combination with Mabiisi’s vocals, emphasizes the duo’s almost anthem-like pickup before the bass line sets in and Mabiisi’s vocals are cut, pitched and looped creating a never heard before Afro-vibe crossover with a 80s Krautrock-ish influenced instrumental. The following 1 minute 30 seconds long intermezzo culminates in an atmospheric sequence that focuses Mabiisi’s vocals once more before the tracks picks up pace as the hi-hat keeps pushing the listeners forward, keeps pushing the listeners to the limit, to the end. Simply said: Fred und Luna and UFO Hawaii created a futuristic sounding piece of art by reviving Pac Man in the suit of a Marvel super hero.

Armonica’s EP ‘Ayo‘ will be released September 7th, 2018 on DEPTH.

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