EXCLUSIVE David Mayer ‘The Call’ [Ouïe]

David Mayer continues to stir up the electronic music scene with his latest EP ‘The Call’, a cosmic and tribalistic cut that has already been supported by various renowned DJs. Based in Berlin but musically settled all around the world David Mayer has implemented a characteristic trademark sound on his own over the years, influenced by various visits abroad. Essential parts of the aforementioned ‘Mayer-Sound’ are his elusive skills to create driving bass lines and pair them with simple sounding but complex cosmic chords and chants. ‘The Call’ focuses on the latter in the most effective manner. Built around a kick, clap and 808 blip the track introduces its listener to further organic soundscapes throughout the track as the chopped and screwed down vocal enfolds the wigged out synth line to create spheric moments on the dance floor.

David Mayer’s EP ‘The Call‘ will be released on August 3rd, 2018 on Ouïe.

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