ART:CAST #39 by Arian 911

The heat comes closer as Frankfurt based artist Arian 911 curated a summer-ish, partly tropical influenced yet minimalistic but always spheric edition of the art:cast series: an one hour lasting mix that takes its listener through the various stages of his life musically. As part of Innervision’s ‘Secret Weapons’ compilation in 2017 and 2018 with his highly acclaimed tracks ‘7 Melodies’ and ‘See U In 2050’ the Teheran-born producer made sure to not only adapt soundscapes that cover former productions but to develop a union of various influences to do a musical jigsaw with them. Starting off rather laid back and almost Ibizan-like Arian changes over to a more minimalistic musical approach with crunchy bass lines that highlight diverse synth-chords and presage the ultimate spheric showdown arising at the end of the mix.

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