REVIEW Trikk ‘Vilara EP’ [Innervisions]

Trikk has added his third release to the Innervisions roster, a highly anticipated ‘Vilara’ EP that came out on April 20th. Available on vinyl and digital alike, both singles ‘Devila’ and the title track have been played by underground superstars for months; from the likes of Innervisions boss Dixon to trailblazing DJ John Digweed.

Drums sound at the beginning of ‘Devila’; primal percussion that keeps us in time and that acts as a battle cry, if you will, to fellow Trikk followers across the globe.

At a staggering lentotempo the main melody stabs along, pricking our ears in the most tantalizing way. Stuttering in between rounds, the cycling ascending and descending arpeggios build tension. Underneath the focal melodic rhythm sits lush synth chords, rounding out the edges of the sounds, cushioning them. Slight variations in tone alter our expectations, extending the ostinato well past the halfway mark, but who’s counting? A slight pause from the beat cleanses our pallet until our ears are appeased by the reintroduction of the melody, which carries us until the end.

The title track ‘Vilara’ is both magnificent and terrifying, a lethal combination that adds to the strength of this track. Head turning and heart stopping medieval tones ring, both barbarous and commanding, demanding all and everyone’s attention. Perched upon their high register they screech, bleeding into themselves for their brief reign only to dissipate instantly leaving us with silence. A slow trickle pulses down low in their absence – brief solitary notes standing alone, not held up by beats or melody, but adding to the skeleton of the track. This brief interlude ends quickly and we once again instinctively dance to the eerie synth notes.

Trikk’s ‘Vilara’ EP‘ was released on April 20th, 2018 on Innervisions. (Tess)

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