INTERVIEW & EXLUSIVE Sam Farsio & Frederick Stone ‘Twisted Feet (Santiago Garcia Remix)’ [Sudam Recordings]

Buenos Aires resident Santiago Garcia‘s name resounds throughout the land ever since renowned artists from the Innervisions crew discovered his rhythmical driven and melodically touched music. But Santiago has been around way longer and had already left his signature in the South American music scene way before his music made it into the record bags of artists such as Dixon, Trikk, BOg or Lehar. His latest musical piece of art, a remix for Sam Farsio & Frederick Stone‘s track ‘Twisted Feet’, does just what the name promises: keeping the crowd’s feet twisting and moving and lets it discover Santiago’s tactfulness. While the percussions set the vibe of the remix it’s the tropical-like yet dark melodic tone that makes the listener explore the producer’s mind through the most pleasant way: electronic music with a heart and meaning. If you haven’t had the chance to witness Santiago’s musical energy, there is a chance to catch the Sudam-artist around Europe this summer, where he will tour with the label.

Torture the Artist: Hello Santiago, what have you been up to?

Santiago: Hello! I am fine, thank you for the interview invitation! I´ve been working a lot in the studio on originals and remixes that will be releasing on labels I really admire in the next couple of months. I also have some trips planned in between, but always end back in the studio where I can express myself through music.

I am in my room right now, seeing the sight of my beautiful city out the window, but sadly with a lot of problems to solve.

Torture the Artist: Take a look outside of a window right where you are and tell us what you see.

Santiago: I am in my room right now, seeing the sight of my beautiful city out the window, but sadly with a lot of problems to solve.

Torture the Artist: You’ve been involved in Buenos Aires’ underground electronic scene through several ways over the past years, e.g. having your own events, releasing on Sudam, etc. What was the vision that has always accompanied you throughout time?

Santiago: Yes, I’ve been part of the Buenos Aires’ underground for many years, Ten year, if we wanted to be more precise. I’ve been organising my events under the name ‘Between Us’ and put on other nights with Sudam as part of our partnership since 2011.

28033780_901956213302748_1581883163_o 2

Like every place in the world, there are difficulties with promoting events in Argentina. It’s true that we have a lot of people who like electronic music here, but it gets harder to appeal to them when big events or festivals run in competition. My main event, ‘Between Us’, is something I’ve been working on a lot in the past two years, doing live streams and engaging friends and fantastic guests to participate. It’s a very particular event, somewhat like Boiler Room. Personally, I really like organising events. It serves as a great place for me to show and share my music with people I love and it offers a platform for others to be part of these beautiful moments and experiences.

I decided to rediscover myself and attempt to create my own style.

Torture the Artist: Your ‘sound’ is quite rhythmical, club-oriented and has a melancholic vibe. How much of an insight does your music serve into Buenos Aires’ musical development?

Santiago: I’m not exactly sure how representative my sound is of Buenos Aires, but there’s one thing about Argentina, and that’s the fact that Progressive House will always be the most sought-after sound. Last year I´ve been shifting my style towards more of what’s known as the ‘European sound’. I come from an influence of progressive, similar to many artists from my country. However this time around I decided to rediscover myself and attempt to create my own style by mixing more of the music I like: Afro House, Progressive with deep tripping melodies, some tribal sounds and a groove for the dancefloor.

Torture the Artist: On a personal level, how much does your ‘sound’ reveal about Santiago Garcia, the DJ and the producer?

Santiago: I think it reveals a lot of me because I am a positive guy, I like dancing, partying and have a sort of peculiarity about me too. You can feel the dancefloor vibes from my productions, the eccentric touches and trippy melodies are rather forward-thinking.

I am not a sociopath, but I don’t like the energy of the big cities after a few months stay.

Torture the Artist: In a recent chat that we had, you said that living in Buenos Aires for too long can make you a little crazy, similar to other big cities. What do you find the hardest to keep up within a metropolis?

Santiago: Yes!! I am not a sociopath <laughs> But I don’t like the energy of the big cities after a few months stay. So I always take a break and travel, even if I don’t have any gigs confirmed. I just buy a ticket and clean my vibes somewhere else.

PIC4 2.jpg

Torture the Artist: Does the aforementioned affect your music? E.g. have you experienced your productions sounding differently when created in another place, with varied or fewer external influences?

Santiago: I don’t think my sound changes depending on where I am. My music is influenced by the experience I get from elapsed moments.

Torture the Artist: Name a track that portrays Buenos Aires’ atmosphere for you, and why?

Santiago: Gustavo Cerati ‘La Ciudad de la Furia’

Because it says a lot about Buenos Aires, and Gustavo Cerati is one of my main influences from all times. Big national rock icon.

The only way I can remix a track is if I really like the original production.

Torture the Artist: Your remix for Sam Farsio & Frederick Stone’s track ‘Twisted Feet’ is about to be released on Sudam. What inspired you to add your touch to the original, and generally speaking what makes you want to remix a track?

Santiago: It depends. I’ve decided to remix this particular one because the original comes from a really good friend and I liked the song a lot. The only way I can remix a track is if I really like the original production.

PIC2 2.jpg

Torture the Artist: How much of an idealist were you when you first started releasing and producing music, and how much of it is left, in contrast to what had to be thrown overboard?

Santiago: I started at a really young age, as a teenager, making music with love and passion, focused for the dance floor. That was always my idea, and thankfully it hasn’t changed. I can say the most important thing is keeping it as fresh as when it first started.

Torture the Artist: What’s the best piece of advice that’s been given to you?

Santiago: Be yourself, don’t fight, and do what you have to do when it’s needed. Your hard work will be rewarded.

Torture the Artist: ‘Bread or circuses’, what’s your inspiration?

Santiago: My creativity is sparked by hearing a lot of music, not always electronic but also jazz or reggae. I get most inspired when I go to a club and listen to any artists I like. Reading the crowd, watching how it reacts depending on the sequences and sounds is captivating. Also, traveling is a good way to open and clean my head before I return to the studio to continue with fresh ideas.

Torture the Artist: Name an artist you would like to work with in the future, and why?

Santiago: There are many artists I would like to work with. I can name three right off the bat: Eagles & Butterflies, Trikk and Andhim. I love the music they make and it would be amazing to peak into their knowledge, even if we don’t release the end result. Nowadays, I am already privileged to be working with artists that I admire, and love sharing knowledge and experience with. It makes me really happy!

I enjoy looking in the mirror, watching myself grow as a person every day.

Torture the Artist: Do you enjoy looking in the mirror?

Santiago: I enjoy looking in the mirror, watching myself grow as a person every day, whilst at the same time remaining true to who I am.

Sam Farsio & Frederick Stone’s EP ‘Twisted Feet’ including Santiago Garcia’s remix will be released February 19th, 2018 on Sudam Recordings. (Holger)

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