DJ CHARTS Denis Horvat [Afterlife]

Copenhagen resident Denis Horvat, who just released his debut EP ‘Modelo’ on Tale Of Us’ label Afterlife and is about to drop a remix for Desert Sound Colony’s track ‘Sunrise Of My Mind’ on Fayer, might like to sweep the floor at home but certainly not the dance floor. With his latest top10 Denis¬†shows a wide potpourri of music that made it into his record bag – some released, some soon to be released, some never to be released but all representing the Horvat vibe.

  1. Aera ‘Stitch In Time’ [Permanent Vacation]
  2. Hodge ‘Beneath Two Moons‘ [Berceuse Heroique]
  3. Denis Horvat ‘Natural Causes‘ [Afterlife]
  4. Stereocalypse ‘Blue Dome Escargot’ [Innervisions]
  5. Toto Chiavetta ‘ID’ [unknown]
  6. Pan-Pot ‘Crank (Recondite Remix)‘ [unknown]
  7. Robag Wruhme ‘Dakktylaff (Denis Horvat Edit)’ [unknown]
  8. I-Robots ‘Brother Man (Red Axes Remix)‘ [Opilec Music]
  9. Eagles & Butterflies ‘The Last Dance (Mano Le Tough Remix)’ [Art Imitating Life]
  10. Bird Of Paradise ‘Smoking Holiday‘ [Hoga Nord Rekords]

Picture by Jonathan Damslund

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