DJ CHARTS Trikk [Innervisions]

A complex, mysterious musician with eclectic musical taste and diverse artistic influences, Porto native Bruno Deodato, widely known as Trikk, provides Torture the Artist with a list of his favorite music that he listens and enjoys at home and underlines his extraordinary taste and musical approach. 

  1. Karlheinz Stockhausen ‘Mittwochs-Gruß
  2. Coil ‘At The Heart Of It All
  3. Itsuroh Shimoda ‘Everybody Anyone
  4. King Gong ‘Tibetan Buddhism Trip
  5. Various Artist ‘The Trip (Psychedelic Music From The Hippie Trail – Picnic in Pakistan)
  6. Nomades Du Niger ‘Musique Des Touareg / Musique Des Bororo
  7. Moondog ‘More Moondog
  8. Abdou El Omari ‘Angham Chaabya
  9. Udi Neset Bey & Company ‘To Scratch Your Heart
  10. Hecker ‘bsfºtyk 5

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