DJ CHARTS Simple Symmetry [Disco Halal]

Sasha and Sergey alias Simple Symmetry are the electronic music scene’s best kept secret. With EPs and remixes on labels such Disco Halal, Correspondant, Multi Culti or Keinemusik the duo has delivered some of 2017’s catchy club tunes and are moreover known for their well-selected DJ-sets. Enjoy Simple Symmetry’s current top10 and check for yourself.

  1. Blancmange ‘What’s the Time (Kincaid Remix)
  2. Zombies in Miami ‘Flashback Mantra
  3. Moscoman ‘Dalmar Arbon In The Club
  4. Unknown ‘Hare Hare! (Siaubas Edit)’
  5. Blind Rape ‘Long Journey to Liman
  6. Il est Vilaine ‘Peyotl
  7. Red Axes ‘Sipoor
  8. Marvin & Guy feat. Fantastic Twins ‘The Train of Fantastic
  9. Deaf Chonky ‘Dolijute (Manfredas Remix)
  10. The Rolling Stones ‘Sing This All Together

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