INTERVIEW & TRACK PREMIERE Julian Stetter ‘Chorus’ [Correspondant]

Cologne based producer Julian Stetter, who recently contributed an edit for Kompakt’s ‘Total 17’ compilation, makes his debut on Jennifer Cardini’s label Correspondant with a six-tracker called ‘Another’. The Torture the Artist exclusive ‘Chorus’ caused quite some buzz when Marcus Worgull introduced it to a wider audience in his Boiler Room set last year. A drifting bass line in combination with deep yet eclectic and recurring synth chords are the track’s essential elements and create an elegancy in Julian’s omnipresent preference for melancholic influenced music. Shortly before the official release Julian took the time to give Torture the Artist some insights on how the EP came about, his faible for traveling the world and his musical changes over the years.


Torture the Artist: Hello Julian, tell us something about your day.

Julian Stetter: It’s pretty rainy over here but I had a great day so far. A few days ago, we had an underground NYE event with Moscoman, Ada, Bufiman and a whole bunch of friends from Cologne. It still makes me happy when I think about it.

I guess it’s just something that is my musical identity.

Torture the Artist: The music you release under your real name has a melancholic vibe and partly features pop elements and soundscapes. Where does this preference come from?

Julian Stetter: It’s nothing I plan on doing – I guess it’s just something that is my musical identity.

Julian Stetter © Frederike Wetzels -00534_sRGB100ppi 2.jpg
Picture by Frederike Wetzels

Torture the Artist: Your upcoming EP ‘Another’ is released shortly on Correspondant. How did the EP’s title come about since none of the track titles is ‘Another’ or shall the EP called ‘Another EP’?

Julian Stetter: I chose the artwork from a broad selection from Ramona Deckers works and I just thought about potential words or a phrase that could accompany the visual image. I thought so about the word ‘Another’ – I like its sound and it goes along with the picture very well. I like the fact that it has diverse meanings and leaves a certain room for interpretations.

Torture the Artist: What’s a ‘chorus’ that has stuck with you?

Julian Stetter: Everything my VIMES partner Azhar writes.

I see a big art in making such tunes.

Torture the Artist: How much does the music you produce and you are into now differ from the music you enjoyed during your teenage days?

Julian Stetter: As a teenager I was always more of an Indie boy and only got into electronic music after finishing high school. From then on a lot changed. Within the last years I was diving more and more into an uncompromised form of club music. I am surrounded by pop musicians and I almost got annoyed by the attitude that club music was something less valuable. Maybe it seems simple to some but I see a big art in making such tunes.

Torture the Artist: How would you describe your musical style to your grandmother?

Julian Stetter: I just wouldn’t try.

Julian Stetter © Frederike Wetzels -00675_sRGB100ppi 2
Frederike Wetzels

Torture the Artist: According to your social media accounts you enjoy traveling and camel heads. What have you adapted from countries you’ve been to that is an advantage in your daily life?

Julian Stetter: Being somewhere else often reminds you of where you want to be. I am very open minded and I like going to other places but I always end up realising that I am looking forward to returning home to my life.

Torture the Artist: What aspects make you call a place your home?

Julian Stetter: I live and work in Cologne and I have built up a life that I am grateful for. I love my surroundings but I am not crazily connected to the city itself. An working environment, the opportunity to play music and a social network are probably the things that make a place home for me.

I never saw myself as a great writer.

Torture the Artist: As an Intro Magazine intern you were involved with ‘writing’ amongst many other things. What made you decide that music is your first love in the end so that you gave up your ‘career’ as a famous music journalist?

Julian Stetter: I quit my last job in an editorial office about three years ago and I wouldn’t like missing a single day of it. I loved these jobs but I never saw myself as a great writer. I am just more of a music-/audio-guy and it was time to dedicate myself completely to it. Plus: I am just happy to have some changes here and there in my life.

Torture the Artist: If you could give the entire human race one ability, what would it be and why?

Julian Stetter: To be content.

Torture the Artist:Describe yourself with three #hashtags.

Julian Stetter: #music #overeating #gettingdistractedeasily

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