REVIEW Patrice Bäumel + Danny Daze & Shokh ‘Speicher 98’ [Kompakt Extra]

Cologne based label Kompakt Extra is back with its latest Speicher 98 EP that features new cuts from Patrice Bäumel and Danny Daze & Shokh and unites two of the label‘s artist that were resonsible for its musical highlights in 2016.

Patrice Bäumel’s Sorcery is as heavy as it is deep. With a driving rhythm and blurry background, the track rides a fine line between minimal and full. We hear beats both on the strong and the weak beat, making the rhythm complete and undeniable. A wave-like bass line is added, as are echoing tones in the treble. Altered and distorted vocals enter and echo out while siren sounds screech and dissipate slowly.

Danny Daze & Shokh’s ‘Aires’ is a track of the same vein, as it also employs a driving rhythm and techno sounds. Abstract noises add to the fullness of the track, while a minimal-toned bass line becomes its key feature. Eerie and ominous sirens wail in the background, adding to the intensity and power of the track. At its apex, the truth combines a trembling bass line, soaring sirens, uncomfortable background sounds and a relentless rhythm.

Speicher 98, containing Patrice Bäumel’s ‘Sorcery’ + Danny Daze & /Shokh’s ‘Aire’, was released on August 11th , 2017 on Kompakt. (Tess Daniella)

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