REVIEW Henrik Schwarz ‘Take Words in Return (Jimi Jules Remix)’ [Watergate Records]

Swiss artist Jimi Jules has been delivering quality music throughout the past month. With his debut album ‘Equinox‘ Jimi set a high standard without disappointing in the following when he released on labels such as Cocoon or Innervision. Additionally he teamed up with his studio companion Kalabrese for their ‘Rotwii-Lied‘ release on Zukunft Recordings. His latest remix duties led the artist to take on Henrik Schwarz‘ classic tune ‘Take Words in Return‘ that quickly became a Sonar Festival anthem and has ever since been played out by, well, basically everyone.

The track begins with muted beats that bleed into the next measure, creating a laid-back, unresolved feeling. This is further strengthened by the introduction of a catchy melody that varies between two cadences, once again, creating an unfinished or unresolved feeling. At the culmination of the track when the beats are more precise and the background sound tapers out, we hear the clearest lyrics so far, ‘we take words in return’. The melody from the beginning also surfaces; also more clearly, and with a more precise, clear tone. At present, the track makes you want to shut your eyes and sway your head, tracing the rhythm with your fingers.

But don’t get too comfy in your dream-state because Jules has a surprise for you. Sharp and abrupt jabs puncture your lull, and the track continues. We spend the rest of the time more rejuvenated, and continue swaying to the beat with more gusto.

Jimi Jules remix of Henrik Schwarz’s ‘Take Words in Return’ was released on July 24th, 2017 on Watergate Records. (Tess Daniella)

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