REVIEW Cleveland ‘Kyoto’ [ESP Institute]

Cleveland’s ‘Kyoto’ EP is a nice follow-up to his recent remix streak where he’s reimagined tracks by Roosevelt, Benjamin Fröhlich and Abstraxion. The young producer seems to have the world on his mind as both track named after – Kyoto (Japan) and Coimbra (Portugal).

Kyoto embraces an all-encompassing sound; no sonic corner goes untouched. Sound waves snake and reach to all available areas be it from the repeating drum pattern or the slow-rolling shakers, the flute-sounding synth melody or the resonating synth pads. The track has a very developed rhythm deriving from repeating tones by many percussion instruments, shakers, drums and kicks. He weaves sub-melodies on top of sub-melodies, creating a continuous, uninterrupted feeling. The track’s final stroke of genius is the reintroduction of the most predominant flute melody, which ties it all together.

Cleveland’s ‘Kyoto / Coimbra’ EP will be released on July 21st, 2017 on ESP Institute. (Tess Daniella)

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