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Having released on labels such as Connaisseur or Souvenir, Italian duo matHame are ready to drop their latest track ‘Timeshift‘ on the upcoming Afterlife compilation, Realm Of Consciouness Pt. II. Before the release the guys gave Torture the Artist an account of themselves.

Torture the Artist: What‘s the story behind your moniker matHame?

matHame: It’s our real names with the H as a graphic bond of the two elements. But we especially like the sound it makes. Though the project was founded by us, it’s doesn’t necessarily only involve us. We’d like to develop the concept of matHame as something liquid.

Torture the Artist: Imagine that making music is a long-term relationship. Describe your first date.

matHame: In a radio pirate station in ‘95, with 2 cassettes and a mixer and studying sheet music for violin at sixteen.

Torture the Artist: What should a good track never be without?

matHame: Solid chords, atmospheres, percussive samples and deep kicks.


Torture the Artist: What past musical influences do you want to have a revival in the future?

matHame: We were down for the IDM wave of the early ‘90s to come back, as were many other artists out there. Nowadays it’s impossible to recreate that vibe; that experimental feeling is lost and you need to be focused more on the product output that design the rules. We think we’ll see some kind of Detroit techno with more minimal dark rap contamination…something like that.

We prefer surreal choices than simplistic and standard ones.

Torture the Artist: What sound or beat in a track are you tired of hearing?

matHame: There is no sound in particular, maybe one sound is perfect for a mood and boring for another… We are tired when there is lack of imagination. We prefer surreal choices than simplistic and standard ones: of course we know that the standards define products. To create is not easy.

Torture the Artist: If you could work with any artist in the future, who would it be and why?

matHame: The majority of them are dead. Between the living artist three names:

Rob Brown, Sean Booth and Richard D James. To capture their creative flow.

Torture the Artist: What story does your track ‘Timeshift‘ tell?

matHame: Timeshift tries to describes the scene of being lost in a black canvas with some light points that are out of sync. We are trying to develop a very visual sound (because we are video artists too). We are still working on it.

We can compare our music to Evangelion, a Japanese Anime from the nineties that has a deep atmosphere and tech attitude.

Torture the Artist: Who do you want to remix a track of yours and why?

matHame: We would like hear what a future `artificial intelligence producer` can do. It would be very intriguing for sure.

Torture the Artist: If you were to compare your music with a TV-series, what would it be and why?

matHame: We don’t watch much television and we are not great series-addict. But we can compare our music to Evangelion, a Japanese Anime from the nineties that has a deep atmosphere and tech attitude.

Torture the Artist: In how far has your job as a DJ and producer influenced your personality?

matHame: If you can say ‘influence’, we see every object of matter as a potential sample.

Torture the Artist: What are your other interests, beside music?

matHame: Video and art for sure, life hacking, philosophy and aesthetics, olympic weightlifting and sneakers.

Torture the Artist: What‘s on your playlist when you spend a day at the beach?

matHame: Depends. We like radio pop and trap music. But a good day at the beach need also some old school, golden era, classic hip-hop for sure.

Torture the Artist: What superpower would you like to have and what would you do with it?

matHame: Hard choice. teleporting, motion at the speed of light to live the future and multiplying money.


matHame’s ‘Timeshifter’, taken from ‘Realm Of Consciousness Pt. II’, will be out on Afterlife on June 16th. Listen to it exclusively in the link below.



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