TORTURE THE CONNAISSEUR with Of Norway – The road trip story

Alongside the release of their sophomore album ‘The Loneliest Man In Space’ Connaisseur Records and Torture the Artist teamed up for a special interview with Norwegian duo Of Norway that took place at the Technik Museum in Speyer, Germany.

It was around 8.30 on a Saturday morning in Offenbach, when Connaisseur label-honcho Alex Flitsch, Marius Wiedenbeck and Torture the Artist-head Holger Breuer met for their little road-trip with Christian Steenstrup and Vegard Wolf Dyvik alias Of Norway. Arriving at the duo’s hotel it was Christian who came out first wondering where his friend Vegard was and making the assumption that he probably overslept. 15 minutes passed as Christian’s assumptions could not be confirmed, but became more drastic. ‘What if he has not even got up?’, he spoke out loud and immediately got his cell-phone out of his black coat to make a call. Unfortunately, Vegard did not answer. It took another 15 minutes until the automatic door of the hotel went open and the missing half of Of Norway finally made his appearance. ‘Oh, you been waiting for long?’ he asked with a smile.

After the little delay the journey finally got started. Well, almost since the group stopped two streets further to have an Italian breakfast and coffee. While Alex, Marius and Christian stood in line to get some sandwiches, Vegard and Holger went for a beverage in a nearby supermarket. When Vegard was about to pay at the supermarket check out, he pulled out his credit card. ‘You cannot pay with your credit card in a German supermarket!’, he was told and pulled out his ATM-card. ‘That won’t work either?’ Vegard was completely irritated. “You cannot pay with any card at a supermarket?”, he asked. “Well, you can, but not for single drinks that cost less than 10 Euros.” The Norwegian was astounded. After this enlightening supermarket visit the both went back to the group, grabbed some coffee and the trip to the Technik Museum in Speyer could finally start.

Being half there the navigation raised its voice telling us about some high traffic, so the estimated time of 60 minutes was stretched to another 30 minutes. But thanks to the sandwiches we were fully equipped for this episode of the trip. Even though…. well, see for yourself.

18742092_120332000986116946_1780180522_n 2.jpg
Vegard enjoying the sandwich; the car not so much!

When we finally arrived at the Technik Museum temperatures suddenly rose up, or maybe it was just the air conditioner in the car that had cooled us down. Finally breathing in some fresh air and checking the environment, we made our way to the entrance, where some romantic moments took place when Christian and Vegard saw the flowers!

18685472_120332001142156362_647400015_n 2.jpg
Look at the flowers! Look at the flowers!

After this memorable moment we visited the exhibition in the museum, walked around for more than an hour until we finally found the perfect spot to torture Christian and Vegard with some questions. And what could be a better place than having the first mission on the moon as a background for this? Exactly, the Star Wars Star Destroyer, but we couldn’t find this one in an appropriate size for the interview.

Check the full interview with Christian and Vegard in the link below on Connaisseur Records’ youtube channel.

After the little chat with Of Norway – or 1h40 minutes later, it was time to take some selfies and group pictures to cause some attention and to spam everybody’s social media channels. No, of course not. Pictures were taken to capture the beautiful and funny moments of the day with even more beautiful people that had a great time hanging out together and making this first Torture the Connaisseur one for the books.

18685536_120332001006110933_1741485909_n 2.jpg
From left to right: Christian Steenstrup, Alex Flitsch and Vegard Wolf Dyvik.

While everyone had behaved quite well, Vegard and Holger let go of their deepest weirdness in the following – nothing more to say, but pure beauty!

18157680_1388546154565832_5188859328736191629_n 2.jpg
Weirdness in space!

When these breathtaking moments were captured on camera, it was time to leave the Technik Museum in Speyer and finally have a belayed lunch at the Rhine river before dropping of Of Norway in Karlsruhe, where they would play later on that night, and the rest of the group headed back to Offenbach.

18741224_120332001007495380_682511099_n 2.jpg
Christian enjoying the sun at the Rhine river in Speyer!

Torture the Artists wants to thank everyone being involved in this project and especially Alex Flitsch for being the greatest host that day!

Thank you Christian & Vegard for this memorable day and the great interview with you guys. A huge thank you goes to Marius Wiedenbeck for the organization and thank you Paul Hoffer for finalizing the videos!

Get Of Norway’s album here: The Loneliest Man In Space [Connaisseur Records]

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