REVIEW Mano Le Tough ‘Arganol ‘N’ All EP’ [Maeve]

Maeve’s second release of 2017, and Mano Le Tough’s first original work in two years, Arganol ‘N’ All is everything that it should be. The two-track EP was released on May 12th, to the delight of music lovers across the globe. It seems that label, Maeve, is going nowhere but up.

Perched atop a solid layer of harmonious intervals, a multitude of sounds and beats vary. Rising and falling above a soothing and slow tempoed bass, single tones dip and dive, tweak and whistle, flit and fly. With a slightly disorganized and improvised feel the track unfolds until it all becomes clear with the last and final introduction – the rhyme to the reason, the introduction of the main melodic line. It adheres all free-floating musical elements together, putting the final touches on the whole track.

Mano Le Tough’s ‘Aragnol ‘N’ All’, with ‘Arganol’ was released on May 12th, 2017 on Maeve. (Tess)

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