REVIEW Patrice Baumel ‘Glutes’ [Afterlife]

Patrice Baumel has been flying high every since his most popular release, Dead End Thrills, and with a good cause. His records consistently hit the mark, and with releases on labels like Anjunadeep, Kompakt and Crosstown Rebels, the DJ and producer is definitely an artist to watch out for. His latest venture is with Tales of Us’s new label, Afterlife Recordings.
Glutes begins as a solitary expedition. Propelling through the soundscape we hear sonic gusts as they race past us and then fade into the background, marking us alone again. As we continue, these rumbles become more frequent and we begin to feel that we are among something, be it beings or objects. The percussion increases adding purpose to our journey. At the climax, successive staccato notes arpeggiate up and down, twinkling in the background. The giant bass notes are still racing by, but this time we’re no longer by ourselves. The twinkling arpeggio notes are our companions.
The track ends as it begins, and once more we are alone. (Tess)
Patrice Baumel’s ‘Glutes’ will be released on May 12th, 2017, on Afterlife Recordings.


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