REVIEW Denis Horvat ‘Axle EP’ [Exit Strategy]

Denis Horvat’s use of drones in both tracks unifies his forthcoming ‘Axle’ EP, slotted to be the next release on Exit Strategy. Both tracks have already created waves in the underground scene, and will surely be scooped up by music lovers across the globe.
Axle begins with the drone heard instantly, sitting on top of a stripped down beat. A thin layer of static rests on the bass line, bumping and crunching, adding depth to both the beat and the drone. As a single, undulating tone unfolds across many bars, increasing in volume, its’ replaced by another, slightly higher pitched one, which it easily takes over as the most telltale musical feature. The track moves forward, held in time by constant beats and drums, until another melodic line attempts to overthrow the reigning one. The second competing line begins its life, only to be drowned out by the first. We hear a glimpse of it again as it reenters near the end, but only for a few seconds until the track tapers off.
The second track of the EP, Nonsense, contains more sounds and melodic lines in addition to its main drone melody. The rhythm is bouncier, the synth lines are brighter and the main melody has more variation. Almost like a stutter, the drone pulses forward underneath an outward and upward, fanning soprano line. In a blissful moment of freefell, the synth line floats aimlessly, until it is grounded by the reentrance of the beat. (Tess)
Denis Horvat’s ‘Axle EP’ will be released on April 4th, 2017 on Exit Strategy.

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