REVIEW Tom Demac ‘Muyu’ [XII Series]

A dull moment there is not in Tom Demac’s most recent single, Muyu. In fact, there isn’t a dull moment in any of Demac’s productions, as evident in both ‘XII’ releases.
Played by the likes of Dixon and Ame, it seems the second installment of his new monthly series is just as good as the first.
Muyu begins slightly muffled, as if it were being played on a stadium loudspeaker. Underneath repeating single synth notes is the faint rumblings of an acid line, paired with the driving beat. With hard-hitting and precise sounds, combining elements of techno, tribal and acid, it is a track to dance hard to, not to sway lightly to. Electronic sounds beep and click, cowbells ring, woodblocks clap all to the beat of developed drum patterns. The acid line rumbles in the background, helping to keep the rhythm driving and the dance floor moving.
With elements from multiple genres, ‘live’ and electronic sounds, and a beat that doesn’t stop, Demac’s newest production is sure to set to set the dance floor on fire. (Tess)
Tom Demac’s ‘Muyu’ was released on February 27th, 2017 on XII.

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