REVIEW Rampa ‘The Touch EP’ [Keinemusik]

It may have seemed like an impossible feat to create a strong follow-up to Rampa‘s highly acclaimed EP ‘Trust‘, but it seems the Keinemusik co-label-owner has done just that with his recent release ‘The Touch‘. The two-track collection has a widespread reach as it touches all realms of the body, mind and soul. From the hypnotic title track ‘The Touch’, to the grandiose ‘528Hz’, the talented producer has done us proud.
The mystical 528Hz frequency, one of the six Solfeggio frequencies, is said to be able to repair our DNA, increase health and longevity, and lift our being closer to heaven. But while these hypothesis have yet to be confirmed, Rampa’s track ‘528HZ‘ creates precedent and has the ability to lift our spirits and move our feet. Not wasting any time, the producer begins the track with the faint echo of a sythn line, and it gradually increases in volume. From there, the drums add to the hype, gearing us up for what will surely be a tremendous show of sound. Well over halfway through, the track hits full stride and confirms its outstanding symbiosis from the beginning.
Rampa’s title track ‘The Touch’ has a slightly more ambiguous feel. It begins with a hypnotic beat that makes you want to close your eyes, and continues with a legato vocal line that makes you want to sway back and forth. We begin to shed our outside affiliations as the falsetto voice rises higher and higher, and we are pulled deeper and deeper into the song. As the lyrics say, ‘music transcends through time and space’, and we can’t help but be completely present. With it’s simplistic sound the single strikes a unique chord in every listener, making the experience a very personal one. Yet despite these elements of individuality, the chugging baseline is so strong that we all can’t help but be swept away by it, making it also a collective one.
With these complimentary tracks, Rampa reminds us of the power music can have on us as an individual, and a collective. (Tess)
Rampa’s ‘The Touch EP’ with singles ‘The Touch’ and ‘528Hz’ was released on January 27th, 2017 on Keinemusik.

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