REVIEW DJ Tennis feat. Fink ‘Certain Angels’ [!K7]

Continuing the two-decade old legacy, DJ Tennis has recently put out his take on the DJ-Kicks album. The two-disc, sixteen-track track compilation includes tracks by not on the Life and Death label-head himself, but artists such as Caribou, Red Axes and Traumprinz.

The track begins slowly to the sound of a rounded bass note pulsing while ambiguous synths surround us in a veil of uncertainty, making us hopeful for direction. Clear strings rise above all other elements, as if being a lookout for the next best route. Just when we were about to declare ourselves lost, Finks enigmatic voice enters. Not pressed for time, the vocals and lyrics give the track a certain guidance, reorienting it, reorienting us onto the correct path.

DJ Tennis’ ‘DJ-Kicks’ album was released on July 14th, 2017 on !K7 Records.

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