EXCLUSIVE Nandu ‘Sudden Insanity’ [Calypso Chili]

Danish producer Nandu, who has released on labels such as Rebirth, AZZUR or Circle Music, delivers his second LP, ‘Tales From My Living Room’ and at the same time launches his own label ‘Calypso Chili’. The nine tracker depicts Nandu’s ‘attempt to somehow deal with some of his biggest fears and most overwhelming challenges’ as it was produced during a period of time in his life that affected the artist at several emotional levels. Nevertheless, Rasmus, how close friends call Nandu, managed to emerge stronger from this crisis and releases an album that reflects these times. ‘Sudden Insanity’, the fifth track of the album, smuggles its way into the psyche of a listener with paranormal soundscapes as diverse as possibilities to connect synapses but hailing for the detachment of the latter to create musical insanity.

Nandu’s ‘Tales From the Living Room’ was released December 4th, 2017 on Calypso Chili.

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