EXCLUSIVE Dondolo ‘Les Evanouisseurs’ [Fluyo]

Dondolo delivers the A1, Les Evanouisseurs, of the newly founded label Fluyo, which is run by Jorge Escribano and kicks off the label-history with a four tracker called Fragments From Finowstraße, a VA EP, which transports the best from various electronic music genres from the past into the present. Dondolo’s comes in with those electro-feel-good-vibes one could’ve experienced in the early noughties. A wobbly bassline paired with pads and strings as well as a huge dose of millennial nostalgia do the rest to create a track, which is beyond beautiful but a spaced-out ear-worm and goes into the same direction as Dieter Schmidt’s Morse Code From The Cold War – a classic from this period of time in the French (House) scene.

Fragments From Finowstraße is out on Fluyo.

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