EXCLUSIVE Dj Soch feat. Javonntte ‘For You’ [Wax Classic]

Italian producer Dj Soch teams up with Javonntte to come up with a four tracker of pure House Music called For You / Eternity. For You is what one calls a beauty of a track and, as the vocals suggests, “give you the world” as it simply has it all. It’s the synergy of a classic House bassline with Javonntte’s voice, who partly takes away the typical track-character but breathes a song-life into For You. And it’s been a moment when a proper House tune simply transported the “love message” not explicitly with beautiful chord-sequences but vocals. However, Dj Soch and Javonntte manage to combine both extremely harmonious and please Housiophiles with their outcome, which indeed is a classic song for a lifetime as beauty does not become old but remains present for a lifetime.

Dj Soch feat Javonntte’s EP For You/ Eternity will be released on Wax Classic.

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