REVIEW Vitess ‘Flight Recorder EP’ [Locus]

Rising French artist, Vitess, adds his name to the Locus catalogue as the sister label to Fuse continues its impressive output, making this as essential a label as Fuse itself. Bringing his Flight Recorder EP to the fray, this will surely continue his ascendency. 

The EP title tracks greets us as we press play, a glorious deep house vibe, showcasing a real understanding of how to balance a dancefloor-aimed groove with the warmth and depth of the chords and FX. This is a head-swimmingly brilliant haze of sounds, either as a listening or dancing experience and a superb opener to the EP.  

Next up is Alpha, which again retains the deep bass feeling, but with some spoken word interplay and a skipped percussive backbone. Warm organ sounds are paired with delayed FX, the melding of these giving a pure-fire club track. Added to this we get a broken beat section to mix things up ha;fway through the track, before returning to the original groove for the remainder. 

The BPM bumps right up for Global Dancing, hollow reverb bleeps leading the way for all manner of space-influenced zaps, blips, squeaks and other assorted sounds, all the while a low-rolling bassline chugs away underneath it all. Little breaks allow stabby keys to disrupt the momentum and give the dancefloor a breather, but not for long – oh no, there’s no rest here! The beats kick right back at you and you’re transported to bumpy club heaven. Superb sounds make this a sure-fire winner for the clubs. 

If digital is your format, you are also treated to a bonus cut in the shape of Reboot, which heads back into deeper bass territory and a moody atmospheric feeling. There is lightness to the track too, with some silky synths and tinkling bright hits along the way, but this is an altogether deeper vibe, for the “lost in the groove” moments at 5am…

As club EPs go, you really can’t go wrong here, Vitess in sparkling form.  

Vitess’ Flight Recorder EP is available via Locus.

Words by Al Bradley  

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