ART:CAST #138 by SY

Originally from Manchester but having found his place in Berlin, it’s SY who delivers the next episode of the art:cast series with an approach, which lets the listener dive into the artist’s ocean of music with latter coming in (huge) waves and causing the same. It may or may not be a surprise for listeners, who have been following the artist for a moment, that SY chose a rather deep, housey and 90s infused selection of tracks, for his art:cast. However, Simon, SY’s real name, wiped the dust of techy dead wood off almost two years ago to musically reinvent himself and have both, his sets as well as productions, circle around House Music, where SY not only found ease but fulfillment. It’s no surprise that he has had a release on Rawax with a follow-up shortly. Until then listeners and followers can enjoy his one hour mix for Torture the Artist.

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