EXCLUSIVE Glo My ‘Sang Woo’ [Maai]

The fourth outing on Lis Sarroca’s Maai Records is a female affair and consists out of five tracks from aspiring artists continuing the label’s (housey) melodic vibe. Milanese by choice but Mexico City girl by heart Glo My isn’t new to the scene as she’s had several outings on labels House Salad or Veneno over the past years. Her mixture of Deep House, Breaks and UKG surely makes her one of the artists to look out for in the future especially with her Squid Game-reference, namely Sang Woo, on Lis’ label. Sang Woo is an advanced Deep House track with such a finesse that it works in any kind of set that aims to hound people over the floor and pushes dancers to their peak. Its temporizing built-up with a smooth synth line as well as the tonal change in synths, working out the bleepiness in the track, create long forgotten peak-time moments with proper Deep House music. If latter had to be proven again, then Sang Woo fired a salvo at those moments reactivating our memories that music can be both: club-oriented and beautiful.

Maai 004 is out now.

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