SUBWAX DISTRIBUTION TOP10 – 08/2022 selected by Baldo

Barcelona music connoisseur and Subwax co-head Baldo is back with his monthly chart on Torture the Artist. Shortly before the release of his new EP Ethereal Tubes on E-Beamz and a few days until he guests at Torture the Artist’s second club event at Luna Club in northern Germany, Baldo provides us with his most current picks that made, make and will make it on the 12/10s. 

1. Duowe & Picasso – Body Glitch [Limousine Dream]
2. Dylan Forbes – Ephemeral Ecstasy [Parallel Universe]
3. A:G – Sunset Expressions [Continually]
4. Velvet Velour – Can You Feel It [Nuances de Nuit]
5. Adria & Pau Roses – Ciutat Bella [Cupula Recordings]
6. Ian Blevins – Welcomes (Secretsundaze Remix) [Just Jack]
7. Len Lewis – The Void [666 Recordings]
8. JP Sunshine & Guam – Trencacintures (Hugo LX Remix) [Escola]
9. SINM – Voodoo Kiss [These Tasty Records]
10. JUAAN – Mestreso [Partisan] 

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