EXCLUSIVE Josh Baker ‘Going In Lately’ [OVNIE]

Ever busy artist Josh Baker delivers two new tracks for OVNIE’s fifth EP Space Shuttle, which features equally split works from Baker and Pelle. The Hide and Seek curator and You&Me label head Baker comes up with two housey takes that showcase what the artists has been musically cooking lately in the best possible way. The A1, Going In Lately, includes several synth lines that evoke an almost hypnotic feel. Latter is broken with the implementation of pads as well as a vocal both giving the track a housey nuance with addiction potential and making the the EP-opener already a classic. Josh’s second stroke, namely the A2, which goes by the name of Snatch, comes in with a more rolling bass lines and leaves the House-metier to test Tech-House limits, still Snatch has a tremendously distinct melodic note but in comparison to the EP-opener is way more simplistically designed in the selection and arrangement of the elements. A great tune to keep things rollin’.

Josh Baker and Pelle’s split EP Space Shuttle will be released on OVNIE.

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