REVIEW Paramida ‘Moonrise VII’ [Love On The Rocks]

Following on from her 2021 release, Dream Ritual, Paramida returns to her Love On The Rocks imprint with a further moon calendar influenced 12″ in the shape of Moonrise VII. Serving up three cuts, two of which were her first ever productions for another label, but which never saw the light of day, this trio of space-age beats expands Paramida’s ever-growing quality catalogue of work. 

The opener, Sailor Moon House, takes its cue via a sample lifted from the 1995 SYT track, Drift, which is used to superb effect here. As with other tracks and remixes from the Panorama resident, this has an effortless feel of warmth and groove, there is an other-worldly floaty feeling running throughout, little hints of Acid, a piercing metallic percussive note punctuating the track with, yep you guessed, spacey pads, adding to an overall atmospheric after-dark vibe. On a moon calendar influenced EP, what else would you expect? This is a glorious opener, no doubt about it.  

Kicking off the AA side is Space Ride and it does exactly what it says – a hollow clanking percussive element flows through the track, working its way around the chunky bassline & subtle synth riffs flowing through the track. The ‘space’ element is made even more apt via the use of some perfectly placed reverb elements, never taking over but just creating more headspace for the sounds. You could call this “interplanetary house” – a new genre might just have been created here on this very 12″… 

Closing the EP is a shorter ambient/beatless slice of beauty titled 33, again lifting the listener into the stratosphere with its sounds. A gorgeous linking tool for DJs wanting to create some atmosphere before moving back to beats, or simply just 3 minutes and 41 seconds of blissed-out listening pleasure, this is a pulsing showcase of restraint; the ideal background sounds for simply laying down & looking at the stars. Beautifully paced and a quite stunning finale to this wonderful EP.         

Paramida’s EP Moonrise VII is released on Love On The Rocks on August 25th, 2022.

Words by Al Bradley

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